April 16, 2011

Bird cherry or Prunus padus

Photo taken in my garden, April 16, 2011

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  • Bird cherry - "The bark was gathered in the Middle Ages to make an infusion used as a tonic and sedative for stomach pains."
  • Bird cherry - "Bird cherry is a relatively small deciduous tree in the Rosaceae family, and in Scotland it is also known as hagberry or hackberry, with its fruits being called ‘hags’... There are two small nectar glands on the petiole, or leaf stem, at the base of the leaf, and these exude a chemical that attracts beneficial insects, in response to attacks by pests such as greenfly."
  • How to identify bird cherry
  • Prunus padus - "The English name "hackberry" refers to the fruit, which are astringent and bitter-sweet." - Wikipedia
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