April 11, 2011


Mnemonic to remember the waxing moonphase (beg...Image via WikipediaAn example of mnemonics to remember how the moon looks beginning after new moon

The Celtic tribes who lived over 2,000 years ago did not write down information so they used several memorizing systems. Some students in this civilization had to memorize very long texts. One method that they applied was to teach certain content at a certain place in a forest. To remember this information the student had to think back of the particular tree and spot where he had learned it. Another method was using strings of different beads. Each bead represented a certain package of information. The student would let the bead go through his hands, similar for example to praying a rosary, and would memorize the knowledge in that way. Study and learning was mostly done on the spot, for example medicinal and nutritional plants were studied in the field. Excursions were repeated again and again until children knew all the plants they had to learn about.

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