March 17, 2011

Energy resources

Worldwide energy sources (TW)(2004)Image via WikipediaEverything that could be used by society as a source of energy. Energy sources could be hydro, solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, coal, nuclear, crude oil, natural gas, and ocean-wave motion.

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  • Energy and society - "The use of energy has been a key in the development of the human society by helping it to control and adapt to the environment. Managing the use of energy is inevitable in any functional society. In the industrialized world the development of energy resources has become essential for agriculture, transportation, waste collection, information technology, communications that have become prerequisites of a developed society. The increasing use of energy since the Industrial Revolution has also brought with it a number of serious problems..." - Wikipedia
  • Energy development - "Energy development is the effort to provide sufficient primary energy sources and secondary energy forms for supply, cost, impact on air pollution and water pollution, mitigation of climate change with renewable energy." - Wikipedia
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