March 3, 2011


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  • Syria - "Modern Syria was created as a French mandate and attained independence in April 1946, as a parliamentary republic. The post-independence period was rocky, and a large number of military coups and coup attempts shook the country in the period 1949-1970. Syria has been under Emergency Law since 1962, effectively suspending most constitutional protections for citizens, and its system of government is considered non-democratic." - Wikipedia
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  • Syrian Cabinet resigns amid unrest - "Syria's Cabinet resigned Tuesday to help quell a wave of popular fury that erupted more than a week ago, threatening President Bashar Assad’s 11-year rule in one of the most authoritarian nations in the Middle East." - The Washington Times - March 29, 2011
  • Syria: Security Forces Fire on Protesters - "Syria's security forces used live ammunition against protesters in Daraa and the surrounding villages of Sanmein and Tafas on March 25 and 26, 2011, killing at least 26 and bringing the death toll in the Daraa governorate reported by Syrian human rights activists since March 18 to at least 61..." - Human Rights Watch - March 27, 2011
  • Challenging Syria's 40-year rule - "Arab world protests lash out at Bashar al-Assad's powerful leadership." - Aljazeera Inside Story video - March 24, 2004
  • Syria suspected of nuke activity - "The Obama administration and a U.N. watchdog agency want Syria to show inspectors a suspected uranium-conversion facility and two other nuclear sites possibly linked to the remnants of a covert arms program." - The Washington Times - March 2, 2011
  • Deepened Military Ties between Iran and Syria - "The Syrian and Iranian navy commanders have signed a memorandum of understanding dealing with training exercises and an exchange of experts..." - - Feb 27, 2011

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