March 7, 2011

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  • $200,000 pay day for Clinton's UAlbany speech - "We now know what it cost to bring former President Bill Clinton in to speak at the University at Albany this past week. The $200,000 fee was the highest fee paid to any speaker at the school's "World Within Reach" Lecture Series." - News Channel 13 - March 5, 2011
  • Tear Down This Reagan Mythology - "Conservatives have venerated Reagan for limiting government and winning the Cold War — alleged accomplishments that were either untrue or vastly exaggerated, respectively. Although various strains of conservatism all try to say that Reagan was one of them, his policies were neoconservative." - by Ivan Eland - Consortium News - Feb 16, 2011
  • Reagan Made S&L Crisis Vastly Worse - William K. Black: Reagan obstructed prosecutions against a wave of fraud - The Real News Network video - Feb 7, 2011

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