March 6, 2011

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Reading the newspaper: Brookgreen Gardens in P...Image via WikipediaReading the newspaper: Brookgreen Gardens in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, United States.

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  • History of newspapers and magazines - "Before the invention of newspapers in the early 17th century, official government bulletins were circulated at times in some centralized empires. The earliest newspaper date to 17th century Europe when printed periodicals began rapidly to replace the practice of hand-writing newssheets. The emergence of the new media branch has to be seen in close connection with the simultaneous spread of the printing press from which the publishing press derives it name." - Wikipedia
  • News media - "The news media refers to the section of the mass media that focuses on presenting current news to the public. These include print media (newspapers, magazines); broadcast media (radio stations, television stations, television networks), and increasingly Internet-based media (World Wide Web pages, blogs)." - Wikipedia
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  • Washington Times Starts Comeback, Hiring - "The rebirth of the conservative Washington Times is beginning this week. It's coffers loaded with millions of dollars and driven by an ownership that wants to bring the paper back to its original form, Times editors this week plan to begin hiring spree that will double the current staff." - Jan 19, 2011
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