February 8, 2011


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  • Earth - Wikipedia
  • History of the Earth - "The history of the Earth describes the most important events and fundamental stages in the development of the planet Earth from its formation 4.6 billion years ago to the present day." - Wikipedia
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  • "Japan Quake Will Shift Earth's Mass" -NASA Expert - "Mass shifts and other events change Earth’s speed of rotation... Mass-shifting events can also make the Earth wobble." - The Daily Galaxy - March 12, 2011
  • Has Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction Already Arrived? - "With the steep decline in populations of many animal species, from frogs and fish to tigers, some scientists have warned that Earth is on the brink of a mass extinction like those that occurred only five times before during the past 540 million years." - Science News - March 2, 2011
  • Did Earth Once Share Its Orbit with a Mars-Sized Planet? New Kepler Data Suggests "Yes" - "If the discovery is confirmed, it would support the theory that Earth once shared its orbit with a Mars-sized body, labeled Theia, that later collided with it, creating the moon." - The Daily Galaxy - Feb 25, 2011
  • Solved: Mystery of Earth's First Breathable Atmosphere - "Scientists studying the origin of Earth's first breathable atmosphere have show how plankton provided a critical link between the atmosphere and chemical isotopes stored in rocks 500 million years ago." - The Daily Galaxy - Feb 23, 2011
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