February 22, 2011


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  • Economy of Morocco - "Morocco's economy is considered a relatively liberal economy governed by the law of supply and demand. Since 1993, the country has followed a policy of privatization of certain economic sectors which used to be in the hands of the government." - "Main industries: Phosphates, rock mining and processing, food processing, leather goods, textiles, construction, tourism" - Wikipedia
  • History of Morocco - "The History of Morocco spans over 12 centuries, without considering the Classical antiquity. The country was first unified by the Idrisid dynasty in 780, representing the first Islamic state in Africa autonomous from the Arab Empire." - Wikipedia
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  • Politics of Morocco - "The Moroccan Constitution provides for a monarchy with a Parliament and an independent judiciary... The constitution grants the king extensive powers; he is both the secular political leader and the "Commander of the Faithful" as a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed." - Wikipedia
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