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"Seen a strage ritual at Yasaka shrine, w...Image via WikipediaShinto priest and priestess

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  • Amaterasu - "Amaterasu, Amaterasu-ōmikami or Ōhiru-menomuchi-no-kami is a sun goddess and one of the principal Shinto deities kami)." - Wikipedia
  • Japanese creation myth - "In Japanese mythology, the Japanese creation myth is the story that describes the legendary birth of the celestial and earthly world, the birth of the first gods and the birth of the Japanese archipelago." - Wikipedia
  • Kami - "Kami is the Japanese word for the spirits, natural forces, or essence in the Shinto faith. Although the word is sometimes translated as "god" or "deity," some Shinto scholars argue that such a translation can cause a misunderstanding of the term. The wide variety of usage of the word can be compared to the Sanskrit Deva and the Hebrew Elohim, which also refer to God, gods, angels or spirits." - Wikipedia
  • Kumano shrine - "The religious significance of the Kumano region goes back to prehistoric times and therefore predates all modern religions in Japan. The area was, and still is, considered a place of physical healing" - Wikipedia
  • Shinto - "Shinto or kami-no-michi is the indigenous spirituality of Japan and the Japanese people. It is a set of practices, to be carried out diligently, to establish a connection between present day Japan and its ancient past." - Wikipedia
  • Shinto shrine - "A Shinto shrine is a structure whose main purpose is to house ("enshrine") one or more Shinto kami. (Its most important building is used for the safekeeping of sacred objects, and not for worship)." - Wikipedia
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  • Amaterasu - The Foremother of the Japanese People - The Goddess of Sun - from: Ancient Goddesses
  • The Kojiki - read online - Kojiki ("Record of Ancient Matters") is the oldest extant chronicle in Japan, dating from the early 8th century (711-2) ... The Kojiki is a collection of myths concerning the origin of the four home islands of Japan, and the Kami.

  • Shinto (the way of the gods) is said to be the oldest still practiced religion on earth
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  • Jinja-Honcho - The Official Japanese Organization of 80,000 Shinto Shrines
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