January 26, 2011


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  • Ancient Egypt period was until the rise of the Assyrian Empire 721 BCE, which took control over Egypt in 664 BCE. After this Egypt never restored its ancient greatness. It was ruled by the following empires since then (dates given are those of the rise of these empires, not the dates that they took over Egyptian territory): Persian Empire (rose 550 BCE)- Macedonian Empire (rose 336 BCE) - Roman Empire (rose 44 BCE) - Byzantine Empire (rose 565 CE) - Sassanid Empire (rose 610) - The Caliphate (rose 750) - Saladin's (rose 1187) - Ottoman Empire (rose 1700) - European colonialism (1912) - new borders Egypt (ca 1920) (information from this video with historic maps of Middle East 3000 BCE / 2006 CE)
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